Together We Will Stand Tall

SCC CEO Danny LeBlancLike millions of people in and outside of the United States, Somerville residents were stunned by – and have had mixed reactions to – the Presidential election that resulted in Donald Trump taking office in January.

Concerned with pre-election rhetoric that ridiculed, vilified and targeted many communities, many Somerville Community Corporation members and supporters were deeply troubled by the results. 

SCC CEO Danny LeBlanc speaks to tenants and community members at the fall Community Meeting for Clarendon Hill project.

As people actively working for civil liberties and social justice, and as immigrants, people of color, young women and LGBTQ residents, some of our members attending a gathering at the SCC office the next day shared their fear for their own and their family’s safety. 

Stand Together and …

At SCC we believe this is a time to stand tall, with all members of our community.  SCC is committed to a racially, culturally, economically and linguistically diverse community. We will not tolerate attempts to isolate and demonize any members of our community, whether such attempts come from the President-elect or anyone else.  

 We are heartened by the leadership of Mayor Joe Curtatone when he says, “We are not going to run away from who we are. We are a community that espouses the values of civility, compassion, humanity and tolerance. We’re going to double down on those values. I will say to all immigrants that we stand with them.”* 

Likewise we appreciate the compassion of state leaders such as Attorney General Maura Healey when she states, “In Massachusetts, we will protect people’s rights, fight discrimination and keep people safe,” as she launched a new hotline for the reporting of suspected hate crimes.**    

… Fighting Back

At SCC we cherish Somerville’s long history as an economically diverse immigrant community, welcoming to all who want to work to keep Somerville as that kind of welcoming place. SCC’s membership is – and will continue to be – open to all members of our community who want to work together to promote affordability, diversity and a high quality of life we can all enjoy. We will stand together and will fight back at any attempts to deny the rights of any group of people to be part of our Somerville community. 

 * Scout Somerville

** Website of Mass. Attorney General

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