Real Estate Development

For a community to be sustainable, there must be housing options available to people of all income levels. In order to keep Somerville economically diverse, Somerville Community Corporation (SCC) builds affordable rental housing, creates homeownership opportunities, and develops retail spaces.

SCC owns more than 225 affordable rental units in eight sites throughout Somerville and has created more than 50 affordable home ownership opportunities as well. 

The Affordable Housing Organizing Committee was founded by SCC members and staff to educate and engage residents to press for policies that preserve and build affordable housing in Somerville. 
Learn more about SCC’s organizing work on affordable housing.

What Is Affordable Housing?

SCC strives to provide quality and healthy housing options for people of low- and moderate-income. We use traditional bank financing, government subsidies, and grants to sell or rent units for less than it costs to build them. SCC creates housing for:

  • Families earning anywhere from less than 30% to 110% of the Area Median Income
  • Homeless families and individuals
  • Clients of the Department of Mental Health

Why Do We Need Affordable Housing?

The lack of affordable housing is a widely acknowledged problem in Somerville. Despite the recent downturn in the housing market, housing costs in Somerville remain high and out of the reach of many people – newcomers and long term residents alike. Without affordable options, these families are forced to leave Somerville and with that loss, the City becomes less vibrant and diverse.

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