Yara Vergucht

Yara Vergucht

Senior Project Manager
Yara Vergucht

Yara Vergucht joined the SCC staff in 2012, after a decade of developing affordable housing in Brazil. She continues this work as a Senior Project Manager in SCC's Real Estate Department, involved in all aspects of the organization's housing development activities. 

Her involvement in housing and community development initiated through her work at Habitat for Humanity in Brazil, where she coordinated a broad range of housing projects including microcredit home renovations, construction training courses, post-disaster transitional housing, participatory planning and social housing production.

Yara began her career in architecture, after graduating from the University of Pennsylvania. She still enjoys participating in the design of the projects she manages, and has worked with design teams and green consultants to incorporate SCC’s sustainability and energy efficiency goals into new and existing housing projects.

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