Janine Lotti

Janine Lotti

Asset Building Specialist
Janine Lotti

Janine Lotti is an integral part of the Economic Opportunity Department. She facilitates First-Time Homebuyers classes and provides money management support and advice through the Financial Literacy Program. 

Janine comes from a long line of community leaders. Her father was a community activist who was instrumental in the founding of SCC. This  provided Janine with an early education in community empowerment. 

After earning a B.S. in journalism from Northwestern University and later a master’s degree in instructional design from UMass Boston, Janine used what she learned to navigate a career motivated by mission and service. She worked with mission-driven groups like the Hebrew Rehabilitation Center for the Aged, Career Source, the Somerville Council on Aging and SCALE (Somerville Center for Adult Learning Experiences). 

Janine is passionate about her work at SCC. She is inspired by her clients’ motivation to succeed for themselves, their families and the City.  

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p: 617.410.9906