What a Party, What a Year!

January 17, 2018
What a Party, What a Year!

2017 Annual FUNd

SCC held its first-ever Annual FUNd Open House and Cake Party in December. Fifty adults and children came out for this holiday event. What a fun evening.

Over a dozen people  – SCC members, staff and the First Source Jobs Program Culinary Training participants – baked gorgeous cakes, which were raffled off to 15 families with winning tickets. (Thanks to those attending, we also enjoyed cookies, sweet breads and savory fare that at our bountiful table.)

The party was a great way for members to celebrate our shared accomplishments from the year. Almost everyone who came contributed to our Annual Fund. Stay tuned next month for final results of this fundraising drive! 

Social Equity Campaign Surpasses Goal

We are also so pleased to announce that we surpassed our goal of raising $300,000 for the Social Equity Campaign via CITC!

Hold tight for final numbers next month!

* 10% of the 2017 Annual Fund donations will go to a special support fund to aid the participants.