Union United Sings-Out for Community Benefits

November 23, 2015
Union United Sings-Out for Community Benefits
There's a lot of talk about community benefits with the Union Square redevelopment, but Union United is standing firm to say that a real CBA has to be inclusive, transparent, and accountable.
On November 18, LOCUS (a group of developers and investors that the City hired to run a public benefits process) held an 8-hour meeting inside City Hall. While Union United had 4 members participating in the meeting, we wanted to make clear that the public benefits process doesn't replace a CBA controlled by the community! We held a sing-out for a CBA outside City Hall, with musical support from the Second Line Brass Band and other local musicians.

As the City attempts to contain community involvement within the public benefits process, Union United is continuing to build a diverse base of leaders, a testament to the importance of preventing displacement to preserve the strong community that we have here in Somerville and putting community decision-making before developer profit.
For more information about Union United, please contact Karen at knarefsky@somerville.cdc or 617-776-5931 x 230.