Union United Keeps Mobilizing for Development Without Displacement

July 18, 2014

The Union United Coalition - a coalition of residents, business owners, and community organizations, including SCC - is continuing to draw in new members who support the goal of providing community benefits for existing residents and businesses. We are calling for development without displacement, which requires strong community involvement and proactive anti-displacement measures. This month, the Boston Globe published an op-ed that explains our work and the need for a participatory process to prevent gentrification in Union Square.

On June 23, the Somerville Redevelopment Authority selected the Chicago-based partnership US2 as the master developer for Union Square. The US2 team is currently working with the City to implement a 100-day plan to begin their involvement in Union Square. Members of Union United met with US2 in the spring and look forward to working with them to implement a community benefits agreement.

We are continuing to build alliances with local decision-makers, including elected officials, members of the CAC, and other community groups, in order to create a CBA that the community can negotiate with the developer, and ensure a transparent process that gives local stakeholders a voice. We have a lot of work to do, but we have already come a long way toward creating solidarity, building power, and sharing a narrative of equity and development without displacement.

Our next coalition meeting is July 23rd at 6pm, location TBA. To get involved, contact Mashael Majid at mmajid@somervillecdc.org or 617-776-5931 ext. 228. You can also check us out online, on Facebook, and on Twitter.