Union Square Business Owner Backs CBA

December 14, 2016
Dirce SilvaDirce Silva, Somerville small business owner and SCC and Union United member

Dirce Silva is the owner of Union Square Tailoring, which has been in the neighborhood for 11 years. She is also a member of Union United. Here is her testimony about why a CBA, or Community Benefits Agreement, is critical for Union Square.

I rent my space.

Most of the businesses in Union Square rent their space, and if the rents keep going up, we will not be able to stay here. In the last two years my rent nearly doubled. But I cannot double my prices, or I will lose my customers.

I love Union Square. I was here when there were hard times, and I want to be here for good times, too.

That is why we need  CBA, so we can make sure the developers help the small businesses. If we have to move, we should be able to come back. And the stores need to have affordable rent.

Please help us get a CBA so small businesses like mine can be part of the future of Union Square."