Thank You Summer Interns

August 8, 2018
Thank You Summer Interns

We were fortunate this Summer to enjoy the great work and company of two interns from different fields and regions of the country.

Devon Chodzin, a native of Lakewood, Ohio, is a rising senior at Kenyon College in Ohio, where he studies Economics and Gender Studies. This Summer, he worked closely with our First Source team to use the data on hand to craft a summary program evaluation for the First Source program.  “After looking at all the data, it became very clear that SCC is consistently successful in delivering services to populations who face barriers to employment and need additional support and guidance,” say Devon. “The program helps a lot of people who have  limited English proficiency and/or limited education. In many cases, their educational credentials and diplomas don’t have the same validity in the United States.”

Devon has had previous experience working with a CDC in his hometown, thanks to positions through the Americorps program the summers of his freshman year and sophomore year. The money he earned during his sophomore year helped pay for a semester learning abroad in the Netherlands, Germany, Czech Republic, and Poland.

This Summer, while researching possible internships and additional internship opportunities in community development, he discovered the Forest Foundation, and that discovery landed him here at SCC!

When asked what he enjoyed and what he will take away from his experiences here at SCC, Devon gives a thoughtful smile: “I enjoyed matching the data I collected to the human side of things through the clients I met and the stories they had to tell,” he says. “I’m also glad I got to learn more about community development here in Boston, and in the East, compared to the community development organization in Ohio. The networking has also been very valuable. “

Devon’s last day is Friday, August 10th. We will miss him, and we are certain the program particpants who have met him will miss him as well. Best of luck to Devon in his senior year at Kenyon, and his pursuits after college.

Mia Lambert is a Maine native and a rising senior who is majoring in American Studies at Tufts University.  Mia found her internship at SCC through her association with Tisch College at Tufts. She was drawn to our organization because she wanted to expand her knowledge and experience in the community organizing field.  After being an active student volunteer for the successful campaign to organize Tufts Dining Hall workers, Mia realized that this was work that was both valuable and important to her. “I hadn’t been exposed to the field of affordable housing and general community economic development,” she explains. Certainly, her time at SCC provided that exposure---and more! “I learned so much about process, about local and state politics that play into everything,” she says.

When asked what she enjoyed the most about her time at SCC, Mia mentioned the different people she met while working with the Community Organizing team. “I especially enjoyed meeting older people who have been part of things for decades,” she says. “They are still out there and still doing things.”

Mia hopes to apply the skills and knowledge she has acquired this Summer when she returns to her senior year at Tufts. “I’m certainly going to take back a greater awareness when I look at Tufts housing strategy,” she says. “I’ll be more aware of that side of the movement and will be ready to hold them accountable.” That can only be a good thing. Also, Mia will be working on her senior thesis, which will cover her experiences with the Tufts dining workers. In addition to working at SCC, she has been interviewing people over the summer to prepare for her thesis work. Mia plans to stay in the Greater Boston area after graduation, hopefully working with a community-based organization. Best of luck to Mia as well! We hope she enjoys a successful senior year, that her thesis is a success, and that she is able to keep an eye on Tufts!