Testifying for Workforce Development Funding

June 29, 2016
Testifying for Workforce Development Funding

On June 21st, over 15 Somerville Community Corporation members attended the City’s public budget hearing at City Hall to support funding for workforce development and job training programs like First Source. Five of our members testified in front of a full room, inspiring another speaker later to comment and support our cause before beginning her own testimony.

Member Silvana touched upon the experiences of starting life over again after immigrating to the United States. In their testimonies, Brian and Raymundo echoed Silvana’s hopes that others could benefit from the First Source Program like they did. 

Let’s Build on Success

Van Hardy, SCC’s board president, said that he believes the city has ignored recommendations from the Somerville Jobs Advisory Committee. To finish off the series of testimonies from SCC, Deputy Director Meridith Levy highlighted how First Source had place more than 170 people in jobs. SCC’s presence was known, not only by our words, but also with our row of blue shirts emblazoned with the organization’s logo.

The next steps for Jobs for Somerville (and you may want to get involved) will be to follow up with the Somerville Board of Aldermen about opportunities for future workforce development programs.

If you are interested in getting in touch with us about sending a letter to your alderman, please contact Karen Narefsky at knarefsky@somervillecdc.org, 776.5931 ext. 230 or René Mardones at rmardones@somervillecdc.org, 617.776.5931 ext. 226.

And join us in the next Jobs for Somerville Committee meeting on July 13th.

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