Give a Gift, Get a Gift with CITC

December 21, 2016
Give a Gift, Get a Gift with CITC

We are in the final stretch of our 2016 Social Equity Campaign, getting closer to our $300,000 goal. But we still need your support by 12/31/16 to get there! Consider a Community Investment Tax Credit (CITC) eligible donation! 

Make a Difference Across Somerville.
Donate to SCC.
And receive a 50% refundable state tax credit!

But you must complete your donation by 12/31/16!

We received additional tax credits from the Massachusetts Department of Housing and Community Development, so we can surpass the $300,000 goal. Please consider a contribution to SCC in these remaining days of the month. As long as we receive your donation by December 31st, you are eligible for the 50% tax rebate from the state, and the federal deduction for a charitable donation.*

SCC will put your support to work, sparing no minutes. And the work we will do at the local level will be essential given the national political atmosphere.

“We are so grateful to all of our donors this year. An extra special thank you to all of the SCC supporters who hosted house events for the Social Equity Campaign:  Dick and Roberta Bauer; Karen Gardner and Cesar  Urrunaga; Cassie Arnaud and Kathy McGilvray; Thalia Tringo and Diane Masters; Dennis and Rona Fischman; and Stephanie and Justin Toews-Moeling, with additional support from Helen Corrigan and Cindy Taft!”

With your support of our Social Equity Campaign, SCC will:

  • Acquire more units to preserve as affordable and build more new affordable housing.
  • Connect more low-income Somerville residents to jobs and help our community achieve financial stability.
  • Build a growing body of leaders to influence important community and policy decisions to realize social equity outcomes.

We are ready and dedicated to invest your contributions wisely! 

For information on how CITC applies to SCC, how to invest in Somerville, and how to start receiving tax breaks, please contact Meridith Levy at 617.776.5931, ext. 242.

*You must complete your donation by 12/31/16 to be eligible.

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