CBA Summit

March 21, 2017
CBA Summit

Union United is pressing developer US2 for a community benefits agreement for Union Square to proactively address the displacement of the neighborhood’s families and small businesses. Building on its first three years of planning, advocacy and organizing, the group charted next steps at the CBA Summit on February 25, 2017.

The summit opened with an explanation of the benefits of a CBA for those new to the group and the concept of a CBA – and the unanimous reaffirmation  that one is needed for Union Square. A community benefits agreement gives local residents and small businesses a voice in the area’s development and ensures that the developer reinvests some of its profits back into the community.

The diverse group of community members then reviewed priorities for a CBA. In addition to English, interpretation was provided in Spanish and Portuguese to be sure that as many residents as possible were able to participate in creating winning strategies. They looked at the following areas:

  • Public safety and accessibility
  • Green space and environment
  • Affordable housing
  • Good jobs
  • Arts and community resources
  • Small business

To learn more about community benefits agreements, check out this video by Union United member Alex Ezorsky

Check out a short video recapping the Union United CBA Summit by SCATV intern, Celeste Teng.