2016 Summer Member Picnic

September 19, 2016
Representative Denise Provost (D-Somerville) with CEO Danny LeBlanc at the 2016 SCC Member Picnic

The 2016 SCC Annual Summer Member Picnic brought our members and friends together from across the city to celebrate the many great wins in Somerville this year for SCC members and other low-, moderate-, and middle-income residents. We shared information on the jobs linkage legislation, Somerville’s groundbreaking new inclusionary zoning law, solid jobs and training news from the First Source Program, the purchase of the first five of our 100 Homes initiative, and much more. 

Members at the 2016 SCC Member PicnicBut the emphasis of the evening was on fun, food and maintaining connections and friendships. So, even the information sharing was done in a uniquely entertaining way.

Our picnic committee put together a scavenger hunt, in which participants went to separate program stations to learn about the work that members have done over the past year to maintain the City as a diverse and welcoming one.

Members at the 2016 SCC Member Picnic

Everyone completing the “hunt” was entered into a raffle to win four AMC movie tickets provided by Federal Realty.

The scavenger hunt also gave people the opportunity to explore SCC’s offices, which we are in the process of buying and making our more permanent home. 

Members at the 2016 SCC Member Picnic

We also enjoyed fabulous food from Estela Calzada of Comida Autentica Mexicana, music by SCC Financial Literacy graduate Samantha Cain and even an impromptu singing performance by one of our youngest “supporters.”  

We also took footage of the picnic for the new SCC video, which is now in the final stages of production.

Members at the 2016 SCC Member Picnic

We invited everyone at the event to be part of the final scene, a colorful display of people and posters – in English, Spanish. Portuguese and Haitian Creole – that represented the diversity and focus of our work. 

Thanks to the many people who helped to make the picnic a great time for all. 

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