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House Parties: The SCC Way

House Parties: The SCC Way

December 7, 2017

One of our most cherished strategies for our Social Equity Campaign is the famous “house party.” These are events hosted by SCC members who reach out to their neighbors and networks to come to their homes and learn about SCC, the Social Equity Campaign and the Community Investment Tax Credit (CITC) program. In a nutshell, CITC is a state program that enables SCC to give a 50% tax credit to anyone who donates at least $1,000 (plus, people are eligible for the federal charitable deduction). 

SCC Buys Office Space

SCC CEO Danny LeBlancSCC is excited to have secured its own office space in Union Square into the future, as small businesses and nonprofits are just as vulnerable to Somerville’s hot real estate market as are home tenants. SCC was able to purchase the entire 2nd floor of the 337 Somerville Ave. building