A teen lifts her hand in a "talk to the hand" gesture and the other one tries to kiss it.Preventing bullying and creating tolerance and respect is an important part of our Mediation program. One hundred trained student mediators work with mediation staff to resolve about 800 cases a year.

Founded in 1984, SCC’s mediation program works not only with students in the Somerville High School and elementary schools to help peacefully resolve their disputes but it also works with the court system and community agencies to help others solve conflicts.

The program works in collaboration with Somerville Public Schools, the Office of the Attorney General of Massachusetts, Medford Public Schools and community agencies. The Somerville Mediation Program has been designated by the Trial Court of the Commonwealth as the approved mediation program for the Somerville District Court. Our principal focus for the last 14 years has been on violence prevention, and working with young people to teach them conflict resolutions skills, respect and tolerance.

Our funding is as diverse as the population we serve. Our funders include the Massachusetts Trial Court, Somerville Public Schools, the Office of the Attorney General of Massachusetts, Medford Public Schools, the Boston Bar Foundation and the Massachusetts Bar Foundation, the Local Law Enforcement Block Grant and the Community Development Block Grant. We are grateful for the support of our legislators: State Senator Pat JehlenState Representative Christine Barber, State Representative Mike Connolly, and State Representative Denise Provost.

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