Link Somerville

SCC engages in community planning to celebrate the diverse cross section of our city and make a meaningful impact in our neighborhoods.Through Link Somerville and the Land Use Committee, we carry out participatory initiatives that get community members involved in important development and planning decisions.

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Somerville Community Corporation is conveniently located in the heart of Union Square, Somerville, Mass. For those requiring wheelchair accesses, an elevator is located at the back of the building. In advance of your visit, please call the staff member with whom you'll be meeting to arrange for access.

You can reach us in any of the following ways.

To visit our office or send mail:

Somerville Community Corporation
337 Somerville Avenue, 2nd Floor
Somerville, MA 02143

Housing for All

SCC is committed to preserving and producing housing that is affordable to all segments of the population in Somerville, both through our own work in real estate development and by influencing municipal policies that result in more affordable housing.

History, Mission and Overview


Somerville Community Corporation (SCC) is a membership organization that provides leadership for sustaining the City of Somerville as a vibrant, diverse and tolerant community. We offer services and lead community organizing that supports low- and moderate-income Somerville residents in their efforts to achieve economic sustainability and increase civic participation.

Real Estate Development

To keep Somerville economically diverse, Somerville Community Corporation builds affordable rental housing, creates homeownership opportunities, and develops retail spaces.

Leadership Development Institute

Leadership development is key to SCC’s organizing and planning work. We believe that there are many styles of leadership, and that leadership is something that can be developed in everyone. In 2008, SCC launched our annual Leadership Development Institute (LDI), a series of popular education workshops for emerging and experienced community leaders.

Economic Opportunity

The board, members and staff of Somerville Community Corporation work to preserve the City's social, economic and cultural diversity. With unwavering commitment, we offer programs and services focused on keeping Somerville affordable for all residents.