181 Washington - Water and Energy

Union Square Apartments utilize water saving technology to reduce water waste and lower energy costs for heating water to the desired temperature. Careful thought was given to the design of the domestic hot water and waste water systems so that tenants could enjoy plentiful water resources while reducing the most significant environmental impacts. With wise use of water where it is most needed and appreciated, the Union Square Apartments development is helping us all protect the valueable water resources of the region.

181 Washington - Sustainable Location, Healthy Living, Connections to Community

Union Square Apartments, developed by Somerville Community Corporation (SCC) and located at 181 Washington Street in Somerville, MA, incorporates multiple sustainability initiatives in its design, construction, and operation to meet the LEED for Homes rating system. LEED for Homes Mid-Rise version 2010 is a green building standard specifically designed for residential and multifamily construction that encourages decisions to improve environmental, health, energy, and durability outcomes for buildings, as well as occupants, owners and managers.

Clarendon Redevelopment Gets State Approval

August 7, 2018

On the last day of the State Legislature’s Formal Session, the Legislation passed two home rule petitions that allow for the plans to redevelop the Clarendon:  H4580 provides authorization for the Somerville Housing Authority to engage with a private development partner to redevelop the Clarendon property; and H4856 allows for a land swap between Somerville Housing Authority and the State Department of Conservation and Recreation that will allow for the replacement of the rotary at Powder House and Alewife with a fully signaled T-intersection.