Jobs for Somerville

Do you know how the Somerville First Source Jobs initiative got started? It’s thanks to the hard work of Jobs for Somerville, a Somerville Community Corporation committee made up of dedicated community members fighting to get residents access to good local jobs.

In March 2014, thanks to the support of the City of Somerville and The Career Place, SCC started to operate the First Source Program, with the goal of creating a system that connects Somerville residents to Somerville employers, and provides opportunities for job training and worker education. Now entering its third year, First Source continues to expand its reach and value across the city.

Worker’s Rights Workshops

Part of that expansion includes making sure that workers know their rights.

What is the minimum wage in Massachusetts? Is your boss discriminating against you? What can you do about it? In May 2015, Jobs for Somerville began leading interactive workshops for First Source participants to provide a basic understanding of their legal rights on the job, as well as how to stand up for themselves.

Learn More

If you’re interested in learning more about Jobs for Somerville or joining the committee, contact René Mardones via email, or call him at 617.410.9913.

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