First Source Jobs Program

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SCC is seeking a First Source Jobs Program Career Coach. If you are interested or know someone who has the skills, drive and commitment to be a great career coach, learn more now

Connecting Residents and Employers

The Somerville First Source Jobs Program connects local residents looking for jobs with local employers. This is a partnership between SCC, the City of Somerville and local employers.

Helping Residents Find Somerville Jobs

Are you a Somerville resident looking for a job in your own hometown, but don’t know where to start looking? Are you considering a career change, or do you need help with your résumé, cover letter or interviewing skills? The one-on-one services of the First Source Jobs Program –available to you at every step of the job search and application process – will help you improve your skills as a job seeker and, consequently, be more successful in your job search.

Take a couple of minutes to make an appointment with one of our First Source case managers, and start working on your career goals. You can also call us at 617.776.5931, ext. 239.

Helping Employers Find the Best Employees

Nationally recognized, a First Source system is beneficial for employers, because they can hire from a pool of qualified local workers who have the training and support to be successful on the job.


Local employees avoid energy-draining commutes. And with deeper ties to the community, they are invested in the success of local companies. Hiring hometown residents is good for business.

How the Program Works

SCC keeps a database of local job seekers and their skills, so they can be contacted first when new jobs are available in Somerville. Employers are able to hire directly from the First Source database before posting positions to the general public.

The resource also identifies workers who need more training. This way, they can become better qualified for future jobs that they may wish to pursue. People who enroll in the program gain access to job readiness workshops, skill training and case management, as well as to a comprehensive list of job openings within Somerville.

Why Is the Program Needed?

As Somerville develops, many people are being displaced because they lack economic stability. Local jobs can help people afford to live in Somerville and take advantage of new development. 

Only 15% of Somerville residents currently work in Somerville. This means more time commuting, less money going into the local economy, and less time to spend with family and participate in the community. With more than 30,000 jobs projected to be added to Somerville in the next decade, the program helps employers find qualified, highly-motivated job candidates. 

Get Involved

To sign-up as a First Source Jobs Program job seeker or employer, contact Thais DeMarco, or call her at 617.776.5931, ext. 239.