Link Somerville Equity Standards

After meaningfully engaging over 1000 people over the last five years to create and prioritize community principles for the Green Line Corridor through our Community Corridor Planning (CCP) initiative, it’s now time to turn our ideas into action. In 2014, Link Somerville developed a set of community-generated metrics for good development in Somerville with respect to local jobs, open space, mobility, affordable housing, and land use. The Link Somerville Equity Standards bring together different groups over a common agenda and connect stakeholders to one another so that important work in our community is not done in isolation, but instead reinforced through collaboration. This action-oriented plan will serve as an accountability tool for the City of Somerville and partner organizations to measure equitable outcomes over time.

By numerically and graphically representing our shared issue areas with map and data visuals, we will be able to show which neighborhoods are changing dramatically and which areas are under served. This in turn can help inform future community campaigns and local fiscal investments. While we are concerned with growth citywide, we are directly focusing on areas most prone to change in the next 20 years, including: Assembly Square, Union Square/Boynton Yards, East Somerville, Winter Hill, and Inner Belt/Brickbottom. As stewards of a community vision for equitable growth, we hope that you will support our effort by endorsing these principles and commit to help us reach our collective goals.

The Link Somerville Advisory Team would like to extend deep gratitude to our partners who helped develop this vision for equity including Friends of the Community Path, Groundwork Somerville, Somerville Community Corporation (Affordable Housing Organizing Committee, Jobs for Somerville, Land Use Committee), and Somerville Transportation Equity Partnership.

For more information and to get involved, contact Mashael Majid at (617) 776-5931 x 228


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