Economic Opportunity

The board, members and staff of Somerville Community Corporation work to preserve the City's social, economic and cultural diversity. With unwavering commitment, we offer programs and services focused on keeping Somerville affordable for all residents.

Increasing Residents’ Income, Assets

And while affordability, especially affordability of the housing stock, remains our goal, we are equally focused on increasing the incomes and assets of residents.

SCC has long focused its attention on affordable housing development, ownership and policy issues. We have known for many years that the market will continue to drive up housing costs in Somerville and want to ensure that those with fewer assets can live here. And in 2006, we expanded our focus on the other side of the affordability equation – helping residents sustain themselves in Somerville with sufficient incomes and increasing assets. 

Improving Financial Prospects

Our approach reflects the logical next step for our efforts to assist residents with their financial situation. SCC had long provided programs and services that aimed to help residents improve their financial circumstances. We have added a strong array of financial asset building programs over the last several years, including intensive classes, one-time workshops, IDA matched savings accounts, and one-on-one job and financial counseling.

  • To learn more about our classes and asset building services, contact Asset Building Specialist Janine Lotti.
  • For jobs information and/or employment counseling, contact Blake Roberts Crall.
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