Social Equity for Somerville

Invest in Somerville.  

Invest in Social Equity.

Somervilles landscape is changing rapidly. The new Green Line Extension and Union Square Revitalization Plans will bring a rush of new transit, housing, business, and job opportunities to our community. Prospectors are already moving quickly in our neighborhoods, and without strategic interventions and initiatives, many residents, families, and businesses are at risk of being priced out.

In the next five (5) years, Somerville will likely see:

  • Six new Green Line stations
  • Extension of the Community Path to Cambridge and Boston
  • 6.3 million square feet of development in Assembly and Union Squares resulting in housing and commercial development 

Consider the Impact of Your Investment

The Somerville Community Corporation is actively working to ensure that Somerville embraces the upcoming transformation while ensuring that our neighborhoods remain accessible to our diverse and vibrant population.

Your investment in SCC will guarantee a return in your tax dollars as well as your community. With the stakes this high, we can’t afford not to invest.


To pledge your stake today, contact Meridith Levy at, 617.776.5931, ext. 242. Download a brochure with more details on the Social Equity Campaign and learn how you can receive an impressive return on your campaign investment

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