Tools for Financial Stability

A sign pointing to stability and strengthThe SCC Financial Literacy classes provide a range of tools to help those attending:

  • Create a sustainable budget.
  • Understand the ins and outs of establishing and maintaining good credit.
  • Develop a consistent, comprehensive savings regimen.

Check out the tools below for your use:

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Tools to Improve Your Finances

Budgeting Tools

piggy_bank_with_budget_categoriesweb.jpgHere are some tools to begin or refine your budgeting process. First evaluate how you feel about and use money with our Color of Money handouts. Use the worksheet, placing a check next to the answers you agree with in EACH of the colored boxes. Then use the key to reveal your money mindset.

Then, download one of the Spending Log sheets to track how you spend your money everyday for two weeks or so, or create your own expense log from our examples.

Get more information on Financial Literacy classes at SCC.

Tools for Building Credit

loan application approved due to good credit scoreEstablishing and maintaining good credit begins with having an effective budgeting process in place to help you exert control over your personal finances. But there is much more to having a good, or even great, credit score. SCC provides some tools to help you keep your credit score top of mind and in the good to excellent range. 

Tools for Building Savings

As part of the SCC Financial Literacy classes, participants learn that having a SMART savings plan is part of ensuring continued financial health. You can use savings for education, housing, a trip, a new household item, a special occasion. Having savings is also important in case of emergency.

Here are two tools that can help you grow your savings.