Why Invest in SCC?


Despite all the development Somerville has seen in the past couple of decades, the changes pale in comparison to the transformation expected with 18 million square feet of new development slated, 30,000 new jobs projected and six new train stops arriving in the City in the next 10 to 20 years. The need to preserve diversity and affordability in our community has never been greater.

SCC’s members, board and staff are on the front lines of this effort to ensure development without displacement.

Your donation to SCC helps ensure that as Somerville changes, all of its residents benefit – from longtime renters and homeowners to new immigrants attracted to this diverse, dynamic community. 

Serving All Residents

Your contribution helps us serve countless Somerville residents each year, who are:

  • Tenants and owners of affordable homes we have built.
  • Participants in community organizing and planning efforts aimed at preserving what's good in Somerville and improving those things that need to change.
  • Residents who are eager to learn how they can improve their families’ economic circumstances.

Read testimonials for examples of how SCC positively impacts the community.

Make a One-Time or Sustaining Donation


Consider becoming a monthly sustainer! 

All donations are tax-deductible.

Donate to the Social Equity Campaign-CITC


If you can donate $1,000 or more, please consider making your investment through our Social Equity Campaign/CITC, and receive substantial tax benefits.

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