2017 Annual FUNd

2017 SCC Annual FUNd
Open House & Cake Party

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Annual FUNd and Cake Party.

Come celebrate our members, friends and accomplishments at the Cake Party:

December 21st
5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.
337 Somerville Avenue 
Somerville, Mass.

  • Be part of the cake contests and end-of-the-year fun with fellow SCC friends and staff.
  • Learn about SCC's 2017 projects.
  • Hear about our work in 2018.
Help us meet our goal of 150 donations for 2017!

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Young SCC member speaking to a crowd at the Renters Day of Action

Thanks to member support of SCC's Annual Fund, this has been a banner year for Somerville Community Corporation. We've broken ground for affordable homeownership condos, started a culinary training program, helped 19 families purchase their first home, and hosted a candidates forum on affordability and jobs.


Building Momentum

Your support of the 2017 SCC Annual Fund drive will help us build on this momentum throughout the coming months. As the pace of development accelerates in our City, providing more affordable housing and better access to good jobs is critical to ensuring that people of all socio-economic backgrounds can thrive here. It is equally important to provide opportunities for poor, working-class and middle-class people to have a voice and seat at the table in deciding the future of our City. 

Download a brochure on the 2017 Annual FUNd.

You Power Our Work

The donations we receive through the 2017 Annual Fund drive are particularly powerful because they are flexible. They help us to expand our capacity where it is needed most, while also enabling us to be innovative and resourceful. 

Please give at whatever level your are able. Your gift of $10, $25, $50, $100, $250 or more is needed to help SCC – our members and our staff – work for a Somerville that is diverse and thriving, a Somerville for everyone.


SCC Member Jillian Moreira Rabelo

Accounting at MIT

Jillian Moreira Rabelo, SCC member and former board memberJillian, an Annual Fund contributor, first got involved with SCC in 2012 as a volunteer during the Community Preservation Act campaign. This took up a significant amount of Jillian's time, as SCC played a pivotal role in bringing CPA to the City. The organization was so impressed with the young women's organizational skills and commitment to the process that she was asked to join the SCC Board of Directors. She served on the board as a general member and as the treasurer, using her substantial accounting skills. 

There she became more aware of the many economic development initiatives that SCC provides within Somerville, the community where she grew up. Even though she'd been raised in the City, she had not realized just how many of the programs and projects with which she was familiar were run by the organization. Jillian states that once she was on the board, "I was saw how much SCC is doing."

Through her board service, Jillian not only became more aware of SCC's many projects, but she also became more aware of the organization's need to raise more funds directly from members and other supporters. She decided to serve on the SCC Development and Communications committee, eventually becoming the chair. 

Jillian is herself a contributor to the SCC Annual Fund. "It is easy to do," she says. She  contributes monthly, and she adds. "I don't have to think about this way." She is happy to contribute, because she knows that SCC is well run and uses the money wisely. And she hopes that others will do so also. 

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