Social Equity Campaign Investors

We have a goal of $300,000 for 2016 and are asking for the generous support of Somerville residents and others committed to social equity.

Thank you to all of our generous donors who donated in 2015 and helped us exceed our 2015 goal of $200,000. 

It's because of this support that we are making a difference in Somerville through the Social Equity Campaignand are that much closer to ensuring that Somerville remains accessible to its diverse and vibrant population.

Thank you to the following 2015 donors:

Alexander Aronson Finning
Affirmative Investments, David Ennis
Cassandra Arnaud
Maria Balestrieri
Boston Community Capital
Dick and Roberta Bauer
Thomas Bell and Amy Glasmeier
Fred Berman and Lori Segall
Nancy Bernhard and David Margolin
Richard Burck and Alice Hecht
Boston Private Bank
Cambridge Savings Bank
Ed Cashwell
Mary Cassesso
Cathartes Private Investments
Macy Coffey
Ilene Cohen 
Curtis Construction
Chris Cotter and Rose White
Sean Coughlin
Marie Cullen Oliver
William Daniels
Davis Square Architects
Dellbrook Construction
East Cambridge Savings
Janine Fay 
Timothy Finn
First Church Somerville
First Sterling
Dennis and Rona Fischman
Ezra Glenn 
Mark Goldberg
Mitchell Goldstein
Michelle Green
Janet L. Grogan and Jim Green
Susan Hegel
Rick Henken
Matt Hutt
Todd Ireland and Kate Latimer

Ken Kaplan and Diedre Hering
Todd Kaplan and Rivkah Lapidus
Jonathan Klein and Amy Schottenfels
Allan and Ellen Isbitz
Timothy Lenicheck and Emese Soos
MA Housing Investment Corporation
Diane and Will Masters 
Kathleen McCormick 
Kathleen McGilvray
Daniel and Tammy McKanan
Cory and Nicholas Mian
Benjamin Moeling
John and Barbara Moeling
Max and Sandra Morrow
Brooks Mostue
Fred Mueller and Cynthia Taft
Marie Cullen Oliver
Joseph Procopio
Anne L. Quaadgrass
Howard and Christine Rafel
Kevin Regan
Rockland Trust
Rita Schwantes
Ann Silverman
Alan Solomont
Victor Sostor
Stephen Stephano and Ellen Schachter
Jeffery Swanson and Kristyn Newhall
Jacob and Janet Taylor
Bill and Carolyn Taylor
The Community Builders
David and Bonnie Thompson
Thalia Tringo
Urban Neighborhood Homes
Michelle Volpe
Brandon Wilson and Steven Evitt
Winn Development
Winter Hill Bank

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