181 Washington - Water and Energy

Union Square Apartments utilize water saving technology to reduce water waste and lower energy costs for heating water to the desired temperature. Careful thought was given to the design of the domestic hot water and waste water systems so that tenants could enjoy plentiful water resources while reducing the most significant environmental impacts. With wise use of water where it is most needed and appreciated, the Union Square Apartments development is helping us all protect the valueable water resources of the region.

All lighting installed on the property consists of high efficiency LED fixtures. The majority of common area fixtures are controlled with occupancy sensors to further reduce energy use. Exterior fixtures are controlled with photocells. Appliances in units and common laundry equipment is Energy Star qualified for additional energy and water savings.

To increase tenant comfort and apartment air quality while saving energy, each apartment is provided with fresh filtered air that is pre-tempered through a highly efficient Energy Recovery Ventilation unit (ERV). MERV 8 filters protect the equipment and the air quality throughout the apartment by filtering out particulates. These filters shall be maintained regularly to keep the equipment working while effectively protecting the indoor air quality. This has been shown to provide tenant health benefits when compared to homes that do not include a direct supply of fresh filtered air. Coupled with the ERVs, efficient heating and cooling fan coils with Cariable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) heat-pumps keep the apartments at the tenant’s desired temperature, while well-insulated walls and efficient windows help the interior spaces stay warm (or cool) inside.

Extensive testing and verification was employed throughout the construction process to ensure that the building was constructed to meet the design intent. This includes testing ducts for air tightness and the ventilation system to show that each bedroom of each unit receives the proper heating, cooling, and fresh air flow. Air tightness testing ensures that conditioned air stays inside the apartment, controlling uncomfortable drafts and unwanted heat gain/loss. Compartmentalization of units keeps smells, contaminants, and pests from migrating around the building. Commissioning of systems was conducted to make sure that the heating, cooling, ventilation, and hot water systems are working properly and efficiently.

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